Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking My Medicine

So I had a choice: I could keep playing RB2 drums on Hard difficulty and get four and five stars on most songs--and not get any better--or force myself to play on Expert.

Spoon. Medicine. Swallow.

I started a new band (my old favorite--"Concept Gorilla Manifesto"), and I'm only playing on Expert. Plus, if I get less than four stars on a song, I have to go practice that song and play the gig again until I get four stars. Passing a song with three stars really isn't that much fun, anyway, because it's just way too ragged.

At first, this royally sucked, because the kick pedal is used in inconceivably brutal ways on Expert. After about two weeks of this, though, a funny thing happened: I started getting better.

Now I'm through 15-20 of the RB2 core songs, and I'm even getting four stars on some songs that I'm sightreading, which has never happened before. I've got not illusion about what's going to happen on the harder songs--I'll get crushed--but I'm definitely improving.

Oh, and believe it or not, this week's DLC is a "Country Pack."

Um, yuck?

If it's not Johnny Cash or Patsy Cline (and one or two others), I'm not interested. At all. However, in spite of this, I think the Country Pack is a good thing, because it raises the possibility of DLC in other genres, like reggae or ska (The English Beat would be excellent).

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