Thursday, March 12, 2009

Assorted Gaming Links And Notes

A father's 13-year old son wanted to play Call of Duty online.

That's a tough call, particularly if your son has demonstrated his maturity and good judgment in the past.

So what did this father (Hugh Spencer) do? He asked his son to read and abide by the rules of the Geneva Convention.

I greatly admire Hugh Spencer.

Matt Sakey's excellent Culture Clash column has a new installment, and it's a comic tale of woe.

Several of you have e-mailed and asked about my impressions of Empire: Total War. I am absolutely, completely in on this game, but I'm waiting for the first galaxy-sized patch, because the games in this series have always had them. So I plan on playing it in-depth, but it's not going to be for a while.

I'm also getting e-mail about Resident Evil 5. It's coming via Gamefly, so there may be a delay of a few days. I'm curious about both the game itself and whether what I saw as racist imagery (based on historical imagery used in the U.S.) has been modified in any way.

Yes, I'm aware that a British professor (cultural anthropology or something) said that, based on his viewing of the first three levels, he didn't consider the game to be racist. But I'm purposely trying to avoid reviews of all kinds because I'd like to play the game by myself, so to speak. So I will play it and write up my impressions.

I mentioned this earlier in the week, but the new patch for NHL 09 is simply outstanding. It has substantially increased the "sim" aspect of the gameplay, and it's apparently also improved the skill reward for online play as well (in other words, cheesers don't win anymore).

I realized after a few games in Be A Pro mode that I wasn't playing the same game anymore, and a few things I had done repeatedly (out of habit) no longer worked. At all. So I was forced to play more intelligently and more dynamically, which was a real pleasure.

Also, the variety of penalties and the circumstances under which they're called has been hugely improved. Great job.

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