Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Geography Dropper

I have a good friend who is known for two things:
1) she travels all over the world, and frequently
2) she has a sports-related accident every ten minutes

She's so accident prone that I call her "Beano" (after Mr. Bean).

You probably know at least one person who's a name dropper. Any person you've ever met, any story you tell, will be met with a more famous name or a more impressive experience.

Beano isn't a name dropper, though. She's a geography dropper.

Last week, we were having lunch, and she said this: "I met the most fantastic woman on an Incan trail last week."

I said, "You always do this to me. It's very intimidating. You say 'I met the most fantastic woman on an Incan Trail,' and I say 'I went to Subway.' "

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