Thursday, March 05, 2009

N'Gai Croal Leaves Level Up

N'Gai Croal announced yesterday that he was leaving Level Up.

This wasn't a surprise, really--there had been no new content since December 29, so I was basically just waiting for a formal announcement--but it's still a sad day for games journalism. N'Gai is one of the very few people who writes about gaming who is a writer first, not a gamer. He could have written about anything and it would have been interesting (and I hope he does). In that respect, he's like Kieron Gillen, who is also a great writer who happens to write about gaming.

I didn't always agree with N'Gai, but that wasn't the point. The point was that anything he wrote made me think, and that's a very rare quality for a writer to possess.

It's impossible to divine what he's actually going to be doing now, because his farewell post lists about a thousand different directions, but I hope he'll still be writing, and often.

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