Wednesday, April 08, 2009

As A Continuing Resource

David Gloier sent me a link to
Stop the Cap! Fight Back Against Usage Caps for Cable, DSL, and Fiber Optic Broadband
. "Phil" is all over this issue, covering broadband caps in detail wherever they've been proposed or implemented. So if you want to monitor this issue, this website appears to be a comprehensive resource for doing so, because it combines news reporting with excellent analysis.

Oh, and here's something I saw that was quite funny:
Statement From Time Warner Cable’s Chief Operations Officer on Tiered Broadband Trials

[skipping the boring parts, because here's the good stuff]
When you go to lunch with a friend, do you split the bill in half if he gets the steak and you have a salad?

Okay, so let me try to understand this. Is he talking about all those television channels I pay for that I don't ever watch because they won't let their customers have à la carte pricing? Oh, wait, that must be a different kind of steak and salad.

Food is like data. Worst analogy ever.

I bet you that within a month, the Austin City Council is talking about revoking Time Warner's "monopoly franchise" for breach of contract.

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