Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiger Woods 10 (Wii) #2

My old golf swing (I say "old" because I haven't played since Eli was born, although I used to be a decent player) caused a slight draw.

When I started playing Tiger Woods 10, using the TrueMotion controls, I primarily hit a draw. Actually, a little bit more of a draw than I wanted.

So I opened my stance slightly, opened my hips slightly, and moved the ball slightly back in my stance. Well, since there actually isn't a ball on the floor in front of me, I moved what I perceived as the contact point back just a bit in my stance.

Draw gone, mostly. That's a strong endorsement.

I'm playing about a round a day, sometimes two, and it's quite relaxing to play. There's something about actually swinging that makes playing far more engaging, and Truemotion takes that up several more notches in terms of everything feeling "real."

So, on initial play, I was impressed. After about ten rounds, I'm more impressed.

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