Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Links!

Before we get started, a note about the link from last week that allegedly showed a pilot ejection from a Sukhoi fighter at Mach 2. Mr. Fritz debunked that with a .jpg image of that exact scene--but on the ground, and the plane wasn't moving. Photoshop hi-jinks.

Leading off this week, a link from Clayton Lee to one of the most inspirational videos I've ever seen. It's about a bike trials rider--who is blind.

From Mike Vollick, a link to another TED talk, this one by David Gallo about incredible sea creatures (in this case cephalopods). The video is called underwater astonishments, and it's truly spectacular.

From Jeremy Fischer, a fantastic image illustrating the history of MegaMan games.

Mr. Fritz, in addition to detective work, sent in a link to a fascinating article about how the Internet may be changing how we think.

From Newsweek, a fascinating story titled My Father The Dope Dealer.

From David Gloier, a link to one of the most fascinating (and one of the goofiest) scientific theories ever: we are running out of time.

Gloria sent me a link from a website called "Stuff On My Cat," and it's a video about a kitten and a wild crow becoming best friends. Crazy.

Frank Regan sent me a link to a fantastic video titled Vortex Cannon Versus Little Pigs Houses.

From Sirius, a link to a remarkable story about barn swallows and their incredible flying abilities. Also, a story about physicist Lene Hau and her remarkable experiment to convert light into matter--and back to light. Next, and this is totally cool, it's teraflops on your desktop. Finally, and it's a pretty fascinating little story, it's Birds show Aesop’s fable may be true.

From Jarod, and it's going to give you bad dreams (but you still need to see it): Are You Going My Way Down The Carrot Highway? This video could also be titled "The Curious Case Of The Oversized Sweaters."

From Sean McIlroy, a link to a story about coin flips and how they are not truly a 50-50 proposition.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, one of the greatest inventions I've ever seen--it's the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine. Now I want to open up a diner just so I have an excuse to buy one. Continuing on the food tour, it's The Cheese And Burger (the website design is particularly clever as well).

From Andrew B, one of the strangest creatures I've ever seen--the goose barnacle (which should be renamed "writhing alien monster" or something like that).

From Katy, an incredibly clever folding bicycle called The Contortionist.

From Steven Kreuch, and everybody needs one of these, it's the sad horn button.

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