Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Madden Slider Update

I played two games tonight with what I believe will be the v3 version of the Madden Realism sliders.

I've basically lost my mind, watching over 1000 plays in practice mode and designing tests at a much cleaner level conceptually than I've ever been able to do before.

What I wanted to check was how true the game played to team skill. Some games will almost zero out the difference between teams, or greatly reduce it, to increase the competitive nature of the game.

I do not want this.

There are certain games in the NFL that just aren't meant to be competitive. The top four teams are usually 14+ points better than the bottom four teams, especially at home. I want my ability to impact the game, but I don't want it to overwhelm the game. If I can do that, then Franchise mode is really kind of pointless.

I chose Pittsburgh vs. Detroit, as this is just about the biggest mismatch I could find (sorry Todd).

For the first game, I played as Pittsburgh at home. At halftime, I was up 21-3, and if I hadn't thrown a stupid interception, it would've been even worse for the Lions. Running back Willie Parker had over 100 yards on 12 carries, thanks to a long touchdown run. The Lions were totally overwhelmed on offense and had less than 100 yards at halftime.

That seemed pretty realistic. I didn't play the rest of the game.

For the second game, I played as the Lions at Pittsburgh. I got the shit kicked out of me.

This made me very happy.

Willie Parker ran for 169 yards on 32 Carries. Pittsburgh had 393 yards of total offense. My quarterback was 19-35-3 for 149 yards (and believe me, I was doing everything I could), and I had 39 yards rushing. I lost 31-10, but if I had returned a fumble for a touchdown, it would've been worse. The Steelers' team speed on defense was just overwhelming.

Unless something strange pops up in the next day, I'll put up the settings tomorrow for you guys to try out.

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