Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pew Report (part two)

Chris Karalus had an excellent find in reference to the Pew Report post I made about a week ago. Here's what he wrote:
I would question the validity of the entire survey given that in 2006 they reported that 60% of people never played games and then in 2007 (the survey is from 2007) only 4% said never.

He guided me to question 38 of the survey, which you can find on this page:
Q38 How often do you play games, whether on a computer… or online… or on a game console… or on some other device? Do you do this…?

Here are the responses for 2007:
21% Everyday or almost everyday
28% A few times a week
27% A few times a month
20% Less often
4% Never
* Don't know/refused

On the other side of the column, though, they list the responses to the same question for the survey period February-April 2006. And Kevin is right--the "Never" category is 60%!

Based on that, it certainly does seem fair to question whether any of that data is particularly useful, given that the change in that one category seems incredibly suspect.

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