Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PureSim 1.80

I've written about PureSim Baseball several times over the years. I helped beta-test the first few versions, and Shaun Sullivan (the primary developer) is every bit as much into the minutiae of sports games as I am. I still remember an epic, wonky discussion we had about improving middle reliever usage over the course of the season to more closely resemble real MLB statistics.
Actually, we had several discussions like that.

I've always preferred the PureSim series to Out Of The Park. OOTP is a fantastic game, but I know so much about the inner workings (and remarkable power) of the game engine in PureSim (because Shaun exposes all the variables in an easily readable file) that I've always had a fondness for it.

Shaun decided a while back to go the freeware route with PureSim, and a new version (1.80) was just released. It's a terrific game, and if you have any interest in text sims, it's well worth your time. Here's a link:
PureSim Baseball v1.80

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