Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Slider Adjustments

I did some special teams testing and made two changes. Both are now in the original post, but if you read it before the changes were incorporated, here they are:
FG POWER to 58 from 55
PUNT ACCURACY to 80 from 70

That +3 to FG Power means that Rob Bironas now has the leg to make a 63-yard field goal (which he's done during a game for the Titans). It's not likely, and he won't always kick it far enough (which I really like), but it's possible.

I increased Punt Accuracy because Jeff Feagles (highest Punt Accuracy in the game at 99) needed to be more of a weapon, and punters needed to be more of a weapon in general. Punters are very valuable in the NFL.

Any further changes to any of the settings are likely to be very slight. These were the last two changes I was trying to test.

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