Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dan Rosensweig Takes The Swim That Needs No Towel

Oh, my.

We all remember this (from September 17):
Dan Rosensweig, head of the Guitar Hero division at Activision, told the Financial Times it had seen no impact from the heavily-marketed Beatles game. “It did not affect our sales”. He added that Guitar Hero outsold Rock Band by four to one in the US and nine to one in other markets.

Hey Dan, if you're going to be throwing your "big swinging sales" numbers around, you might try pulling them from some place other than your ass. Unless by "outsold four to one" you mean "sold less." From GameLife:
NPD added that The Beatles: Rock Band outsold Guitar Hero 5, saying that MTV’s Beatles game sold 595,000 units in total across the three platforms while Activision’s sequel sold 499,000 copies in total across its four platforms (which include PlayStation 2).

I'd have lots more for you, Dan, including a Shaquille O'Neal reference, but I've got to go download the Abbey Road DLC. No offense.

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