Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little Help From My Friend: Torchlight Diary #2

I should have introduced myself yesterday. My name is Lil, but everyone knows me as Nancy.

I'm a member of the Vanquisher class, but I prefer to think of myself as an adventuring archer. And if you might think less of me because I am on the distaff side of the track, allow me to mention that with my advanced knowledge of the Richochet skill, I can play an entirely fatal game of pocket billiards with your skull. No offense.

When I arrived in Torchlight, I was encouraged to choose a pet for companionship as well as protection. I chose a cat of undetermined breed, although after most of my gear was sprayed with urine, I did establish that he was a male.

I named him George, and he has quickly become my best friend. Torchlight, I must say, is almost entirely lacking in the social graces, with no taverns or gathering places to swap a story or lift a cold mug. Given the remarkably unusual magnitude of trouble in the vicinity, though, I can understand why people keep to themselves. All the more reason for me to appreciate my furry friend.

George is much more than a companion, though. In the course of my adventures, he has proven himself a clever and resourceful partner. He transports gear back to town to sell to merchants, enabling me to receive compensation for every piece of loot I encounter (no, it's not like I'm shopping--you really do want a fiery blast from my bow, don't you?).

He's also a fierce and untiring fighter. Much to my surprise, he's been able to learn two spells that he casts on his own, and that has saved both our hides on many occasions.

I've outfitted him with protective gear (a rather fetching necklace, I think), and my own armor has various enchantments that give him additional health and protection.

What I mostly do, though, is feed him fish.

Fish can transform George into a wild variety of beasts, and he fights with their ability for a brief period of time. Believe me, until you've seen a cat transform into a Goblinhound or a Varkolyn, you haven't really lived.

I'm not sure what George thinks about all this, but he never seems to mind. In fact, he's the perfect companion, and he makes adventuring all the more pleasant.

Well, except for the litter box.

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