Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Little Miracle

Incredibly, there's a sequel.

Eli 8.2 was home sick on Monday and Tuesday (with the stomach problems he still has sometimes), and we decided to watch Kong--King of Atlantis, which is my pick for the worst film of all time. It's so awful that it's hilarious, and both Eli and I love watching it.

If you missed the original post about this epic film, go here. Even better, you'll get to see two posts--the original KOA post, plus the Kreuch brothers arguing that Gymkata is even worse.

So I'm looking at my e-mail this morning, and Chris Nolen sent a message letting me know that King of Atlantis had a sequel.

A sequel. Oh, HELL, YES.

It's Kong-Return to the Jungle, and while it was originally released in 2006, it's coming out on Blu-ray on Tuesday. Yes, it's #1 in my Netflix queue.

There are two Amazon reviews, both utterly loving the movie, and here's an excerpt from one:
Kong: Return to the Jungle pours a lot of love and heart into an old, classic story, transforming it into a modern take with three-dimensional cartooning. Watching it is very much like playing a video game, especially the characters. And they are good characters: a guy who is Kong's "brother," his big pilot friend, a beautiful cavegirl and her Sabretooth, and the big cat's adorable cub, for whom Kong has a soft spot. Last but not least is the original Kong's love, now an elderly lady and geneticist.

But that's not all - the film also has some great songs about saving what we love and protecting freedom.

The only thing I was not able to suspend disbelief for was the so-called genetic "cyber-link," which somehow puts a guy "inside" Kong's mind using DNA. But that weak point is not enough to prevent enjoyment of the tremendous animation and direction.

Seriously, isn't "Last but not least is the original Kong's love, now an elderly lady and geneticist" the greatest line in the history of movie reviews?

Wait, here's an excerpt from the other glowing review:
With this movie it is a sequile to Kong King of atlantis made by bkn kids the best company in the world and history.

Well, exactly. That's why we watch King of Atlantis every six months.

All we're missing is an announcement by BKN that they're making a cartoon sequel to Gymkata and this would officially be the GREATEST DAY EVER

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