Monday, October 26, 2009

A Most Excellent Surprise

All last week, I worked on clearing my schedule so that I would be able to play Torchlight this week. As I've mentioned on many occasions, Fate was one of my favorite games of the last few years, and I've been eagerly looking forward to Torchlight from the day it was announced.

When I originally raved about Fate in 2005, Travis Baldree (the designer/developer) wrote me a short note. He seemed like a very nice guy.

Friday evening, as I was beavering away to get ahead, I saw that there was an e-mail in my inbox from Travis. He still remembered what I had written about Fate, and he sent me a link to a press build of Torchlight.

You guys know that I don't accept free games from developers in exchange for writing about them. However, I had already pre-purchased the game on Steam. So I wouldn't be getting it free--I'd just be getting it early.

I have no problem with that. I wish it happened more often, too.

This means that I have been spending basically all of my free time since then playing the game, and I will post detailed impressions tomorrow morning when the game is officially released.

I will say this, though: if you liked Fate, immediately head over to Steam and buy Torchlight. This is not a day one purchase-- this is a minute one purchase.

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