Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Deodorant And Tacos

Eli 8.2 is back in school today. He woke up raring to go this morning, and barring an unforeseen setback, I believe the Great Swine Flu Scare Of 2009 is over.

Due to some "stinkitude" issues that have developed in the last few weeks, we recently discovered that children are now wearing deodorant as early as eight or nine years of age, and Eli 8.2 was all fired up to find out that his armpits were stepping up in class. So when he put on deodorant for the first time last night, he raised his arms and shouted "YES! I've never felt so ALIVE!"

During the interminable hibernation of the last week, we watched quite a bit of television, and a surprising amount of it was sports. Eli can't get enough of hockey now, and he even enjoys watching football, although to a lesser degree.

During a game on Tuesday, we saw a commercial for the "Black Jack Taco."

"Hey!" I said. "That taco has a black shell!" Simply put, I was mesmerized.

"Isn't that a blue shell?" Gloria asked.

"It's not the 'blue' Jack Taco," I said. "It's the BLACK Jack Taco."

"So why is it different?" Gloria asked.

"Hello!" I said. "The SHELL is BLACK. If pirates ate tacos, this is what they would eat. I'm going to get one of these right away."

"Good grief," Gloria said, for possibly the thousandth time (this year)--all of them justified.

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