Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Chris Kohler posted this over at GameLife, and if you live in the San Francisco area, it sounds like a great time:
We’re going to raise some money for charity and have a great time doing it.

Live in San Francisco or thereabouts? Then come to
Ümloud! on December 9, 2009. We’ll be taking over DNA Lounge, one of the city’s most awesome music venues, and playing Rock Band 2 to raise money for Child’s Play, which generates over a million dollars a year for children’s hospitals around the world.

Just like last year’s
San Francisco edition of Fünde Razor, which raised over $2,300 for Child’s Play, we’ll be playing Rock Band. But this time we’ll be up on a massive stage. And this time, Harmonix will be bringing the gear, meaning that we won’t just have a few songs — we’ll have almost 1000 of them.

The full post is here, and here's a link to the official Ümloud site.

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