Thursday, December 03, 2009

EA Sports And Irony

In the post I made yesterday about the NCAA games being at risk, I mentioned that it was ridiculous that one of the possible feature additions was teams playing like their "real style."

Good grief.

Here's the irony. I wrote a post about text sims a while back, and one of the fundamental principles I mentioned was "let the community help you." No matter how much of a subject matter expert one person might be in a sport, the community will always collectively know more.

EA just won't acknowledge this, and now it's come back to bite them in the ass. Want to have the best possible for all teams? Just give us access to the play database and let us create custom playbooks--you know, like we could in the last generation. Then let users upload custom playbooks to their lockers where they would be available for download.

What about plays teams run that aren't in the play database? That's why we need access to a play editor as well, and those plays could be included in custom playbooks.

It wouldn't take long for a "master playbook project" to be created and completed. Two weeks, tops. Instead, though, EA doesn't want users to have access to that kind of customization, even though they'll let us add crap like "custom sounds." Woo hoo.

Hoisted by its own petard.

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