Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Jonathan Arnold (who makes an appearance later as well), a link to Trailblazing, an interactice timeline of the history of science. It is beautifully designed, full of information, and it goes back three hundred and fifty freaking years.

Randy Graham sent me what is possibly the most epic magic link ever. The link is to a book titled Magic 1400s-1950s, and it's a seventeen pound history of magic. It looks utterly fantastic.

From Andrew B, and excellent link about how to extract DNA from anything living.

From Ryan, a bizarre (and yet somehow strangely fantastic) story: Somali pirates soliciting investors.

From Sirius, a striking link to a video of absolutely titanic waves striking French lighthouses. Please note that as originally typed, I had titanic wives striking French lighthouses. Also, an entirely amusing video about flying penguins. Next, believe it or not, a story about trapping a rainbow.

From Clayton Lee, a bizarre and amusing PSA, encouraging Brazilians to pee in the shower to conserve water. It's quite cleverly done, really.

From Jonathan Arnold, a link to a collection of 40 spectacular panoramic photographs.

From Steve, a link to an oddly compelling video about an eagle whisperer (the narration is a bit wacky, but the video footage is fantastic).

From Sean, a link to more images of the remarkably creative Ghost Man.

From John Newhouse, a link to an interesting bit of design that I haven't seen used in this country yet: a traffic light with progress bars.

Here's an entirely bizarre bit of history: a video made in 1963 showing British soldiers under the influence of LSD as part of an experiment. The best bit of narration:
One hour and ten minutes after taking the drug, with one man climbing a tree to feed the birds, the troop commander gave up.

From Brad Gehrig, a link to an incredible story: a coyote hit by a car at 75mph that wound up inside the engine compartment--and survived.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, two links from Succeed Blog. First, it's Cookie Monster Succeed. Then, and this is both amazing and hilarious, it's Bike Messenger Succeed.

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