Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Moments Of Unmitigated E-Mail Brilliance

First, from Paul Costello, about the possibility of the unicycle fall and my mysterious illness (which is now mostly gone) being connected:
My theory is that your unborn twin, which has been harmlessly trapped in your ribs this whole time, was freed due to the impact of the fall, and is now wreaking havoc with your immune system. His name is Miguel, and he will have his vengeance.

Next, from Fredrik Skarstedt, about Gloria being the Cat Whisperer:
What is now required is a recording of Gloria speaking in her cat tounge. Your readers with cats will then play this to our cats, record the behavior and then email it to you for compilation.

Your wife may be a witch and if that’s the case, we must build a bridge out of her.

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