Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sleep Graph

The Zeo unit came in yesterday, I used it last night, and here's a graph (drawn at 5-minute intervals, but data gathered at 30-second intervals):

That's on a night when I took Ambien. So I went to sleep in twelve minutes and I only woke up once (I think that's wrong, because I'm sure I woke up around six when Gloria got up, but at least you can see the kind of sleep change, because between six and seven I'm always drifting in and out).

There are all kinds of data points you can check, but that's the basic graph of the night. Very cool, and I really enjoyed looking at it this morning. Plus, I'm really looking forward to trying it tonight when I take Melatonin (which is a common over-the-counter supplement), as well as nights where I don't take anything at all.

The build quality and the geek sexy rating for the unit itself is very high--even Gloria was impressed (unusual). The headband is also very comfortable to wear, so no problems there.

So far, all positive and very interesting.

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