Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And Another

This e-mail was only from November 11 of last year (hell, that's like yesterday).

Sebastian Morgan-Lynch sent me a link to Excerpts from Expert Judgement on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Sandia National Laboratories report.

Sure, that's crystal clear, but here's a description from the report anyway:
Sandia National Laboratories charged a panel of outside experts with the task to design a 10,000-year marking system for the WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) site, and estimate the efficacy of the system against various types of intrusion. The goal of the marking system is to deter inadvertent human interference with the site.

That's radioactive waste, in case you're keeping score at home.

It's a fascinating idea--how do you keep someone away from a site for 10,000 years? Both the discussion and illustrations are well worth a look.

I suggest using the Los Angeles Clippers logo.

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