Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Links: 2010 Edition

After the link to the story last week about male ducks have corkscrew shaped penises and female ducks having "convoluted vaginas" (surely one of the greatest phrases ever) as a defense, The Edwin Garcia Links comes through with a link to video. It's a duck penis, a test tube, and your lifetime of regret if you watch it. Also, it's Tape Measure Succeed (Edwin says the guy is the "blue collar Spiderman," and I think he's right).

Also from Edwin, an odd story about how the north magnetic pole is moving thirty-seven miles a year, and how it's been moving since at least 1904. Next, and this is pretty surreal, it's a flying drawbridge.

From Matt Kreuch, an epic link to 419 Eater, which explores the finer points of "scambaiting." Oh, an in particular, don't miss the story of The Road To The Skeleton Coast.

From Lummox JR, a link to a surprisingly thorough (remember Audrey?) tour of the worst moments in tech this decade: The 87 Lamest Moments in Tech, 2000-2009.

From Andrew B, a link to a terrific prank: man comes home to find belongings wrapped.

From Sirius, a story about the development of a synthetic alcohol that doesn't lead to drunkenness or hangovers. Good luck with that. Also, and this would be very useful if I ever left the house, it's Find North Without A Compass.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, another discovery by Voyager, this one about an interstellar cloud of material called "Local Fluff".

From Sirius, an article about the cloning of the Pyrenean ibex--after it's extinction--in an attempt to resurrect the species.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, a link to a NY Times graphic titled Picturing The Last 10 Years.

From Jonathan Arnold, a link to what is unquestionably the greatest zoo ad in history.

From David Gloier, a link to a story about the space probe that will never die: Voyager 2.

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