Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Links!

A little late and leaking fuel, Friday links have arrived, so close your door (if you have one) and enjoy.

In the midst of all the tragedy in Haiti, one classic headline emerges:
Red Cross: Stop Sending Your Breast Milk To Haiti.

Here's the money quote from the article:
“Tell them not to send it,” said Eric Porterfield, a spokesman for the American Red Cross. “I’m 100 percent sure we didn’t ask for that.”
From David Wolfe, a link to a fascinating article about the stray dogs of Moscow, some of whom regularly ride the subway (yes, canine commuters). One more from David Wolfe, and it's entirely EPIC: a 200-year (in game time, obviously) game of Dwarf Fortress (with photos and a summary, and take a look at this in particular)

Here's something unusual. The National Museum Of Crime And Punishment (a fitting place for this feature) annually holds the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. festival to celebrate the ties between American and Japanese culture.

I can't exactly explain why a museum focusing on "excellent depictions of historically famous crime scenes along detailed information concerning past wars forensics, organized crime, and more" is part of a festival celebrating cultural ties, but it sounds quite cool, regardless, so hit the link if you're interested.

From Neil Gibbings, and it's a wonderful tribute to my favorite city in the world, it's Vancouver in time-lapse video. Stunning.

Also Vancouver related, Al Wilkinson sent along the official website for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, a link to a new service offered by Holiday Inn in the UK: human bed warming. Certainly, this will make an appearance in the "worst idea ever" compendium.

From Sirius, a story about an 8-year-old blues guitarist, and he's damned good. Also, a story about the a moment after the death of Thomas Beckett, during an era (twelfth century) when bathing was considered a sin (be careful what people say the Bible is telling you , kids). This story involves "lipoxeny", or desertion of the host by a parasite. Yikes. Next, a fascinating article titled What Colours Were Dinosaur Feathers? Finally, a look at Bannerman Castle, one of the few real castles in the United States (it's on Pollapel Island in the Hudson River).

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is an amazing story, it's Artist Sentenced For Secret Apartment In Mall. Also, a terrific graphic explaining the importance and history of HeLa cells. Next, it's underwater sculpture from Jason De Caires Taylor.

From Nate Carptenter, a link to a story about P.O. Box 1142, a secret Virginia facility in WWII used to interrogate (and secretly eavesdrop on) some of the most prominent scientists in the Third Reich.

From Paul Weaver, an article about the emerging ability of brain scanners to pull pictures from your brain.

From Dib, and these are excellent, it's 33 Cool And Creative Ambient Ads.

From Kez, a link to the winners of the 2009 National Wildlife Photo Contest.

Lastly, a link to a New York Times obituary for J.D. Salinger, who passed away on Wednesday.

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