Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gaming Links

If you haven't figured it out by now (you have), there are a few items each month that I mean to write about, but I don't quite get the post done. So today, for some reason, I'm cleaning all of these out of my inbox.

First, Chris Kohler sent me an e-mail about something I wrote back in November 2006. Here's the quote he included (from a post about the Wii launch):
Third, and I think this is just dead-solid obvious, where is Wii Fitness? Has there ever been a more obvious game to develop? And if you don't think moving a controller around can get you in shape, just wait until you get one. The more you get into the game, the harder you work, and if they design the game properly, it would be a blast.

I started laughing when I saw that, because I had totally forgotten. I can see the future (occasionally) but I can't remember the past.

Colin Austin sent me a link to Stardock's annual report, and it's quite interesting because it's unusually frank. Downright blunt, in places. If you're interested in Stardock as a company or Impulse as a digital distribution service, it's interesting reading.

David Yellope sent me several links to a strange story: how Games Workshop has apparently gone insane. They carpet-bombed websites back in late November with demands that all user-created files (to help people play Games Workshop games) be removed immediately. More information here, and certainly this could be an action taken in response to some other event, but I think it's very safe to say that pissing off your most loyal fans is always a very, very bad idea.

Wait, this next link is actually current. Yacine Salmi wrote an article summarizing the job losses and studio closures in 2009 (well, and December 2008). There's also analysis, and it's an excellent read overall.

Finally, Mike sent in a link that he saw in the Gamers With Jobs forums (GWJ owns the world now, and I can't think of better overlords) to an absolutely EPIC article about Elite.

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