Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes, I Was

Yes, I was talking about Just Cause 2, and yes, it's great. This game doesn't even slow down at good on its way to great.

This game is the bastard child of Crackdown and Red Faction: Guerilla, and by "bastard" I mean "kicks ass in every conceivable way."

Why? A brief list:
1. The core mechanic of the grappling hook, incredibly, is even more fun than a jetpack. It can shoot about 70 yards, hook on to almost anything, and then it reels you in with tremendous speed. It is utterly ridiculous and incredible, giddy fun.
2. The sandbox environment, combined with the ridiculous amount of vehicles and weapons, creates a Rube Goldberg opportunity every five minutes. With explosions. You know, boat to plane to parachute to grappling hook to rocket launcher to boom. There's just no way to go wrong here.
3. It's possible to entirely ignore the mission structure for long periods of time and just focus on finding island settlements and the collectibles each one contains, along with government structures that plead with you to destroy them. If you don't get shot.
4. The island feels HUGE--there are literally hundreds of settlements, and the terrain goes from beach all the way to mountains.
5. Unlike other games of this type that force you to unlock vehicles, everything is available right away. You just have to find them, take out the security, and take off.
6. This game looks absolutely spectacular on the PC, and the atmosphere is just as spectacular.
7. Just like Red Faction: Guerilla, I highly recommend playing this game on the lowest difficulty setting. You won't die very often, because the grappling hook gets you out of trouble quickly, and it enables you to try some absolutely ridiculous, insane stunts.
8. Three words: boom boom boom.

Total win.

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