Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gaming Links

Some choice gaming links have piled up recently, so here goes.

Tarn Adams, who is always a fascinating interview, has another one with Elijah Meeks of HASTAC. Tarn's interviews are more interesting than most games (not his own, fortunately). Thanks to Steve Davis for the link.

A while back, I linked to a brilliant article by journalist Patrick Hruby (it's here, a sensational piece about a Cambodian refugee bringing baseball to his country, but it's a very dark and complicated story), and Glen Haag of Sports Games And More interviewed him in early May. It's a two-part interview--go here and listen to Episodes 50 (interview starts about 1/4 into the show) and 51 (episode 51 is about the history of Madden and its influence on EA).

I'm still working on the Frozen Synapse feature, but in the meantime, Eric Leslie of Colony Of Gamers has a podcast with Level 7 co-founder Paul Taylor, and you can listen to it here.

Matt Sakey's excellent Culture Clash column has a new installment, and this month, he writes about The Humble Indie Bundle.

Next, a rumor that Rock Band 3s keyboard support actually comes from--a keytar. I've jokingly said in the past that Harmonix was wired directly into my brain, but Harmonix, the keytar is NOT in my brain. If it lets me play songs from Yes and The Doors (two logical choices if keyboard support is added), though, maybe it will work.

Also mentioned in the article is a "Pro" mode that will require "proper technique" on the guitar and bass. That's way too vague to be definitive in any way, but we'll find out at E3.

Eurogamer published an interview  today with Demon's Souls' Director Hidetaka Miyazaki. For my money, Demon's Souls is, by far, the best PS3-exclusive game.

Frank Regan sent me a link to the original pitch for BioShock. Very, very cool.

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