Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Horror

This is alarming:
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Diego Maradona has promised to run naked through the center of Buenos Aires if Argentina wins the World Cup.

The Argentina coach made the promise during a radio show. The unpredictable Maradona was speaking a day after Argentina defeated Canada 5-0 on Monday in its final warmup match before the World Cup.

"If we win the World Cup, I'll get naked and run around the Obelisk," he said, referring to the tall monument that marks the center of the city and serves as its most famous landmark.

For starters, I can't root for Argentina anymore. That's not the real problem, though. What if a wave of copycats follow after Maradona?

Just think about it. Rex Ryan promises to run naked down Broadway if the Jets win the Super Bowl. Thirty-eight colliding waves of jangly man-flesh.

Do you know how windows in skyscrapers can blow out from extreme heat? Dozens or even hundreds of them can shatter at the same time. That skyscraper will be my brain.

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