Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Links!

This is quite a read, although you'll need a strong stomach. Infamous fraud and King Of Dickheads Bernie Madoff is profiles in New York magazine. Madoff isn't interviewed, but the people he's been in prison with are, which is far more interesting.

From Christina Gray, and this is very cool, it's an infographic of the tallest mountain to the deepest ocean trench.
Here's one of the most spectacularly strange products ever (from DQ reader My Wife): The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, an article about the possiblity of life on Titan's surface, discovered via chemical signatures. Also, an asteroid that struck Jupiter left a hole in the atmosphere the size of the Pacific Ocean.

From George Politis, another example of "deep zoom" photography/imaging: Winston Churchill.

From Kevin, an unholy hybrid: the monster trike.

From Randy Graham, the entirely ridiculous and amusing trailer for Jackboots On Whitehall.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and get your tinfoil hats out, shortwave radio station UVB-76 has gone offline.

From Clayton Lee, one of the most incredible flying recoveries you've ever seen.

From Francis Cermak, an interesting look at the French influence on the history of gaming.

From MC, and pay attention now, it's important that if you're in an area with jaguars, do NOT wear Calvin Klein's Obsession.

From George Paci, an absolutely incredible piece of design: a round, expandable table. That was a horrible description, but just go watch the 30-second video--it's amazing.

From David Gloier, the most unique rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown I've ever seen, with a tractor for a rhythm section.

From Johan Lindh, and this is impossible to describe, it's poodle exercise with humans.

So droll it almost hurts, it's Couch Cushion Architecture: A Critical Analysis (thanks to Steven Kreuch). Also, this time from Katy Mulvey, another link from the same site: Cardboard Fort Architecture: A Critical Analysis.

From Sirius, fire up the pressure cooker, because it's time for edible dormice.

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