Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okay, we weren't quite the size of Hockeytown, but game five of the Calder Cup beween the Texas Stars and the Hershey Bears turned a little part of an Austin suburb into Hockeyville, at least.

Sold out arena, crazy fans, thrilling games--games four and five were two of my favorite live sporting events ever. It was great to be sharing it with Eli 8.10, too, who was into the games every bit as much as I was.

Also of note: if you're familiar with the Vancouver Green Men, who are hilarious, you'll be happy to know that we had our own version--two guys in skintight, lime green body suits, one of whom was the size of Chris Farley and wore a Lucha Libre mask. They had individual signs printed out for each of the Hershey players, and there was much laughter in warm-ups when the players skated by.

We lost game four in the last three minutes on a power play (too many men on the ice penalty), and lost game five in overtime. Game five, in particular, was a real gut punch, but it was still tremendous.

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