Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Notes About Rock Band 3

I realized two things about Rock Band 3 today that I haven't seen anyone else talk about, so I thought I'd mention them.

First, does the addition of Pro mode increase Harmonix's chances of getting formerly resistant bands into the game? The objection has always been that little plastic controllers are just toys, but what do those bands say now that the game can actually teach you how to play these songs using a real guitar? How do you ridicule that?

So, for instance, if Led Zeppelin has never been interested in appearing in a music game, does the addition of a real instrument mode with accurate note charting change their mind? Man, why wouldn't it?

Second, given that Dhani Harrison was one of the first people to mention that Rock Band 3 was going to teach people how to play real guitar (remember how crazy that sounded back then?), and how he was apparently consulted as part of the process, I think the chances are extremely high that we'll eventually have Pro mode available in The Beatles: Rock Band. How can you not add Pro mode for a band with one of the greatest guitar players (Harrison) and bass players (McCartney) of all time, along with some of the most interesting and inventive licks ever written?

Well, you can't not add it, because it would be ridiculous. And it would make sales of The Beatles: Rock Band viable forever, essentially.

I don't see it being added as a free download, or added to the game disc, but I certainly expect a download with drum, bass, and guitar charts in Pro mode for some kind of fee.

I will happily pay that fee. Hell, I'll line up to pay it.

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