Monday, June 28, 2010

Well Done, FIFA

This has to be the singular moment when everyone realized just how stupid FIFA has been about instant replay.

In the Argentina-Mexico game, Argentina's first goal was scored on a play when Carlos Tévez (the goal scorer) was at least a yard offside. It was dead obvious, but the call was missed.

The Mexican players gathered around the referee, pointing at the large video screen in the stadium that was showing a replay clearly indicating that Argentina was offsides.

No worries, though, because logic should never enter into this. GOAL!

The other very funny moment was in the first game on Sunday, when England had a shot that was fully three feet inside the goal and went unseen. At halftime, the radio announcer mentioned that Germany had better watch itself in the second half, because surely the officials had been told that they blew the call on the non-goal, and they would be looking to make up for it.

Let's see. FIFA won't use video replay when goals are scored, but they'll use it to tell the officials that they blew a call so that the officials can then spend the rest of the game trying to unfairly make up for the mistake that would have been easily prevented if replay had been used to begin with.

My head hurts.

But wait, it gets better. FIFA's response? From ESPN:
FIFA will censor World Cup match action being shown on giant screens inside the stadium after replays of Argentina's disputed first goal against Mexico fueled arguments on the pitch.

That makes perfect sense--in Crazytown.

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