Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Dhani Harrison

I was listening to the 2001 digital remaster of All Things Must Pass, George Harrison's solo masterpiece, and I was struck by how fresh it still sounds. Even though it was originally released in 1970, Harrison's warmth and vitality shine, and it still feels brand new. Songs like "Apple Scruffs", "My Sweet Lord", "Let It Roll", "Wah-Wah", "Awaiting On You All", "All Things Must Pass"--all right, let's just include every song on the album. It's sensational. I've listened to it a hundred times over the years, at least, and it just keeps getting better.

I know that Dhani Harrison is a frequent reader of this feature (this has not been verified), so let me plant this seed. Dhani, why don't you take a selection of songs from All Things Must Pass and release them on the Rock Band Network? It would be a wonderful tribute to your father, and now we could actually play the guitar as it was intended, given the new realism in Rock Band 3 that you were consulted on as part of the development process.

Seriously, man, this would kick ass. Think of the millions of kids who would have a chance to hear your father's unbelievable musical abilities for the first time.

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