Monday, July 05, 2010

Fourth Of July: Wardriving Fireworks Edition

We did the fireworks wardrive again this year.

For both of you who are new to this feature, we've been doing this for the last three years. Accidentally, we stumbled on a neighborhood that must have the highest fireworks-to-citizen ration in the civilized world. Since the hassle of the big, city-sponsored displays just aren't worth it, we now drive around this Crazytown neighborhood, find the best ongoing fireworks display, and park the car.

"THE FLIP!" I shouted, after twenty consecutive minutes of a fireworks display that will surely go down in local history. Gloria and Eli 8.11 both groaned, because they knew that in forgetting to bring our video camera, we had completely missed out on the chance to document this insanity.

Where were we? Parked on a random street, about forty yards away from a group of people who must have spent a thousand dollars on fireworks. Literally.

Our theory is that entire blocks in this neighborhood are contributing to their own giant fireworks buys. That would explain the people in lawn chairs, and the cars lining the streets. Even that, though, can't really capture that feeling of the sheer volume of explosive devices bursting into various colors.

It was ridiculous and stupid and magnificent, all at the same time.

What was also ridiculous and stupid and magnificent was that on our way home, we passed by at least two other locations that appeared to have "shows" of similar size in progress, and they were both less than half a mile away. Supersaturated insanity.

Next year, with the video camera.

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