Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Links!

Best wishes for an excellent holiday weekend, including Canada (and what a fantastic CFL game last night!).

From Josh Eaves, it's time to head down to the bookmaker, because a psychic octopus predicts World Cup games.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, an article about building a homemade nuclear reactor. Don't they make a Heathkit for that?

From Brad Ruminer, and this is a very funny short film, it's AT-AT Day Afternoon. Also, and this is amazing, it's the first functional, vat-grown lungs.

From Jonathan Arnold, spectacular video of an Oklahoma City hail storm.

From Jarod, a very cool video about transforming furniture.

From Jeremy Fischer, a breakthrough in quantum memory storage.

From Skip Key, and it's quite a soccer story, a look back at the 1994 Shell Caribbean Cup, which (through a quirk of the match scoring system) had Barbados and Grenada trying to score own goals.

From Chris Meadowcraft, an illustration of a newly-discovered, ancient carnivorous whale . And more, from Randy Graham, including that the teeth, when originally found, were so large that they were assumed to be elephant tusks.

From David Gloier, the story of a Led Zeppelin cover band having their show watched by Jimmy Page.

A rare serious link this morning, and it's rank hypocrisy like this that makes it impossible for me to respect my own country.

From Sirius, a story about how limbs evolved from fins.

A very funny post from Deadspin that's dead serious, sort of: Conspiracy Theorist Claims Competitive Eater Did Not Swallow Hot Dogs Properly And Should Be Banned.

Here's a fascinating (seriously, it's great reading) five-part series from the New York Times: The Anosognosic’s Dilemma: Something’s Wrong but You’ll Never Know What It Is.

From Brian Witte, a fascinating article: Archimedes set Roman ships afire with cannons.

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