Tuesday, July 06, 2010

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (360)

We've put about five hours into LEGO Harry Potter so far, and both Eli 8.11 and I have had an excellent time. Clearly, the developers understand the Harry Potter universe (take that, M. Nights ShitMyPantsAgain), and the game is an interesting addition to the canon.

Yes, it's a LEGO game, so you already know what to expect, but the game world is very rich (and very faithful), and there are many amusing and clever touches. I can also highly recommend co-op mode.

One note: if you are playing co-op, avoid Ron. As needed, you can change Ron into Scabbers, but all Scabbers really does (so far) is run through plexiglass tunnels. So Harry (Eli) is doing all kinds of cool things with spells and whatnot, and I'm a rat running through tunnels.

That's my only gameplay complaint, really. Otherwise, it's been a very solid adventure so far.

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