Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Good Idea

Affter finishing that piece on Stardock and Brad Wardell, I thought about what Wardell could do in a PR sense to defuse this situation.

Really, there was only one option: eat his own words. I thought that was highly unlikely, given Wardell's past, but to my surprise, he made the attempt. From Joystiq:
In the statement to Joystiq, Wardell expressed that after a "lengthy and heated debate" over issues in the pre-launch version of the game, he spoke hastily and says, "As a result, I want to apologize to our fans for speaking so harshly. It should be said that some of the issues in question from the PC Gamer UK article, in fact, did not appear in any of our beta testing. We were surprised by these issues and, after working days on end with little sleep, I was very frustrated. I should not have engaged in an online debate about these issues, as my haste to defend what we feel is a great product only served to hurt the fans who have supported us and the team who has been so dedicated to this project."

Given his situation, I think that was a reasonable attempt to admit what everyone else had already concluded. Credit given.

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