Monday, August 23, 2010

Madden Coach Mode Sliders

I posted this over at Operation Sports, but for those of you who don't frequent that forum, here are the settings.

I think the sliders turned out about as well as the engine allows, and certainly, they've made the game much more balanced. I should have Play mode sliders available in a week or so.

These were developed for Franchise mode players. I can't vouch for them in any other mode, although you can try them if you'd like.

--In this mode, CPU and Human settings are identical.
--Quarter length should be set to whatever gets you about 110 total plays. I use 12-minute quarters, but you may need to lower that, depending on how quickly you call plays.
--The setting for player minimum speed threshold was established after stopwatch testing in practice mode. it's the same methodology I used last year.
--I like the number of minor injuries I get in a game, but it may be annoying to you, and if it is, lower the injury setting.
--There are about 16 penalties a game called in the NFL, and and false starts and holding are called about four times each. I focused on holding, since the slider actually works. If you think there are too many holding calls, lowering the slider will reduce the number of calls.
--Kick returns are broken in the sense that the CPU can never return the ball more than 20-25 yards ( if they even get that far). Sorry, that's an engine problem.
--Punt accuracy is also broken (a carryover from last year). When the CPU tries to punt out of bounds, instead of hitting the coffin corner, they'll shank it about 25 yards. Again, that's an engine issue.
--Since Special Teams sliders only have one setting (CPU/Human have to be identical), the Human kicker has a significant advantage. If you want to match the CPU's kicking ability, kick at 80-85% of the kicking meter. Fortunately, since the meter moves so slowly, that's easy to do.

Quarter length: 12
Play clock: On
Accel clock runoff: 15 seconds
Injuries: 75
Fatigue: 50
Game speed: Normal
Player min speed thresh: 100
Coach Mode: On
Fight For the Fumble: Off

Offside 100
False Start 100
Holding 70
Facemask 50
Def PI 100
Off PI 100
KR/PR Int 70
Clipping 50
Int Grounding 70
Rough Passer 75
Rough Kicker 85

QB Accuracy 17
Pass Blocking 80
WR Catching 45

Broken Tackles 20
Run Blocking 85
Fumbles 30

Pass Defense:
Reaction Time 65
Interceptions 0
Pass Rushing 40

Rush Defense:
Reaction Time 50
Block Shedding 15
Tackling 65

FG Power 30
FG Accuracy 67
Punt Power 62
Punt Accuracy 100
Kickoff Power 30

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