Monday, August 23, 2010


On our way to hockey practice yesterday, we saw something interesting.

We were on a local highway, heading south to the mall, when we saw something in the distance.

Ahead of us was a line of motorcycles, about fifteen in all.

In itself, that's not unusual. On the weekends, there are groups out riding all the time.

These motorcycles were loud, and collectively, they sent out quite a rumble.

Again, by itself, not unusual.

None of the riders were wearing helmets, either. Definitely not smart, but not terribly unusual.

These guys, though, were different. They were all wearing plain white T-shirts and jeans, the classic "James Dean" look. They were all riding single file.

They were all Asian.

They also had a "safety rider" with them, who was wearing the standard bright orange vest as a warning to motorists. He was riding near the front.

I have to admit (even as one of those people who think "motorcycle cool" is complete bullshit) that these guys looked totally cool. There was something about the white T-shirts that really created an effect. They would've looked good in a movie.

We slowly passed the long line, and as we drove off, Eli 9.0 said, "Sayonara, suckers!" Then he said, "See, that's funny because they're Japanese and they actually know what 'sayonara' means. Can we go to Japan someday?"

I certainly hope so.

Why would you wear no protective clothing and no helmet, but have a guy in your group who was wearing a safety vest? I don't have answers to questions like that--I just ask them.

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