Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Idea Ever

From Game|Life, a story about 8-Bit Funding, and here's an excerpt:
Want to make a game? You might have a hard time finding the money if you don’t have a multimillion dollar studio. Or a trust fund. Or a rich uncle.

That’s why Geoff Gibson created 8-Bit Funding, a site that helps finance indie game developers. The site, which launched Monday, is easy to use: Developers put up some information about their games — a description, photos, maybe a video — and viewers donate any amount they’d like. Each game has its own financial target, and based on how much a contributor donates, he or she can earn anything from credit in the game to a personal visit from the developers.

Go take a look at the site: it's bloody fantastic. What a first-rate idea for everyone with a dream.

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