Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Michael M., a fascinating story about Vivian Maier, a professional nanny who also spent decades as a street photographer. She took over 100,000 photographs, and in this story, you see some of the magnificent images she took during her life as well as how they were discovered.

This is one of the most moving and stunning stories I've read in a long time: On an upward spiral: Jon Dorenbos, long snapper for the NFL's Eagles, is also a master magician. Illusion gave him a refuge. No spoilers, but this is a story that you really must read.

From Kevin, and I've linked to this image before, it's a monster Krupp bucket excavator. Why am I linking to it again? Because of the bulldozer (just click and see).

From Sirius, and this is seriously one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen, it's bats in blankets. Also, and I've linked to stories about this before, a Scientific American article about Dmitri K. Belyaev's multi-decade experiment to domesticate foxes and what it might tell us. Finally, and this is quite remarkable, a story about an art installation in Croatia that uses "the power of ocean waves to generate sounds from organ pipes embedded in a shoreline structure".

From Michael Huges, and yes, it's about Disney, but it's funny-- Confessions of a Disney Employee.

Here's an excellent story about a subject I've linked to on several occasions: Civil War ironclad's iconic engine gets first look.

From John Rodriguez, and this is absolutely beautiful and very poignant: a NASA promotional video, but made by someone who doesn't work there. It's NASA: The Frontier Is Everywhere.

This is quite spectacular (thanks, John Catania): some of the most beautiful and elaborate papercraft you've ever seen.

From Don Barree, it's the top 14 astronomy pictures of 2010.

From Jim, fascinating photos of Chernobyl-- 25 years later.

From Dib O, it's Sloan data yields biggest colour night-sky image ever.

From Andrew B, a look at the Internet as it was in 1996, as seen through the Space Jam website.

From karmajay, some of the craziest RC helicopter stunts I've ever seen.

From Ed Quinn, more beautiful HDR images, this time from The Daily Portsmouth.

From Riz, and it's touching: the crowd at an AHL game helps an 8-year-old singer when her microphone cuts out during the National Anthem.

From Brad Gehrig, and if you thought the hills had eyes, just take a look at these muppets.

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