Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Exclamation Point Week surges into it's third day (dare I say "day!").

I took Eli 9.5 to see "Gulliver's Travels" on Martin Luther King Day. I'm one of those people who loves Jack Black, even in a bad movie. The first time I saw him was in "High Fidelity," and his role in that film generated a lifetime of good feelings from me.

So I'm biased.

Now, I don't know how much a solitary adult would enjoy this movie, because it's tremendously silly. However, I can say with absolutely no question that if you see the movie sitting next to a boy of model 9.5, you will both absolutely laugh your asses off and have a great time.

Also, when we came back from the Laredo trip, Gloria's car was incredibly dusty. This was a gift from Eli 9.5:

I think she should just get one of those spray cans of sealant and never wash that part of the car again.

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