Monday, January 31, 2011

A Request

I received a note from Mike Stinchfield:
I know sometimes you can get the word out to more people on some important things. Hopefully the following resonates with you.

I don't hear you talk much about board games so you may or may not be familiar with Board Game Geek (BGG) or the podcast called "The Dice Tower."

Tom Vasel is quite the prolific reviewer for BGG. His contributions to cardboard gaming are significant. Recently, their family suffered a terrible tragedy when they lost their infant son. He has all daughters and this was his first son. He actually posted this video when he found out they were going to have a boy. Anyway, just a horrible tragedy.

I got to know Tom when I was stationed in Korea, away from my wife and kids for a one-year long unaccompanied tour. He and his wife were very gracious, and introduced me to many great games. Going to his house to play games was a nice reprieve from duty in Korea separated from my family.

Anyway, to get to the point...The Vasel family now lives in Florida. As you can imagine, they have accumulated large bills associated with the care for young Jack the last few months. There has been a charity auction set up here to help the family. Tom's response can be found here.

If you can get the word out through DQ, I am sure it might allow some to help a worthy cause and possibly get a great game in the process.

I don't think there's anything I need to say, other than to thank you guys for the generosity you show when people need help.

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