Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl!

Eli's favorite NFL team, by far, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has a Troy Polamolu jersey that he faithfully wears to school every week now.

Some of you already know that, and some of you have e-mailed that I should take him to the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Yes, Dallas is only three hours away. Yes, this would be the surprise of a lifetime. I get all that. I'm way out front on this one, because believe me, I've thought it about it in detail for the last few weeks.

However, and you better be sitting down, do you know what the worst seats in The Palace Of Jerry Jones are going for on StubHub today? $2,600. Oh, and don't forget that $40 for parking, either.

Seriously. That's for the shittiest seat in the stadium. To sit somewhere where you could actually watch the game instead of just watching the gigantic HD screen, it's closer to $7,500 a ticket.

I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that's a bad value. So I could take Gloria and Eli to the Super Bowl and sit in decent seats, or I could buy a car.

Sure, those prices will come down, and everyone always says that you can just show up at an event and get much better prices. But there's no chance I could take Eli up there and tell him we "might" get tickets, and if we didn't, we'd just come back home. That won't work.

Plus, if I have to choose, I'll take him to the Stanley Cup Finals, where there are exponentially cheaper tickets and a much, much more intense experience. I always thought that the Super Bowl, in comparison to the Conference championships, was somewhat sterile. Neutral-site games just don't feel the same.

So instead, I'm going to find the very, very best seats in the stadium (C136, I think) and make a section sign for our couch. Then I'm going to make imitation Super Bowl tickets, showing him that we're sitting in the best seats, right at the 50-yard line. That will be fun, and Gloria will make guacamole, which will be awesome (she is the Guacamole Queen).

Best of all, parking is free.

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