Monday, January 03, 2011

A Swan Of A Different Color

We saw this movie on Saturday night. At the end, we walked out, and people around us mostly looked too stunned to talk.

"Oh, MY GOD," Gloria said.

No spoilers, but I will say a few things:
1) This is a brilliant film, and you'll either absolutely love it it or hate it with every inch of your being (I totally loved it). What you will never do, though, is forget it.
2) This film has more guy-approved elements than just about any film I've ever seen. Yes, it sounds impossible, but it's true.
3) You really need to go see this.

I think the phrase "fucked-up masterpiece" should apply here, and my only wish for the New Year is that Tycho goes to see it, because this film requires a Penny Arcade cartoon.

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