Monday, January 03, 2011


Last night I saw the single greatest effort I've ever seen given in an NFL game.

Early in the game, Seattle completed a long pass downfield, and the play wound up being a 61-yard gain. At the end of the play, I could have sworn I saw #96 make the tackle.

That's a defensive lineman, and defensive lineman don't make the tackle on 61-yard pass plays.

After about fifteen seconds, I decided to rewind the DVR and take another look. And I was right--it was #96 making the tackle.

To see the play, go here and select the "Martin 61-yard reception" highlight.

This is what happened: defensive end James Hall (#96) lined up at the right defensive end position. At the snap, he dropped back into coverage as part of a zone blitz scheme. Seahawk quarterback Charlie Whitehurst threw deep to the opposite side of the field, and freaking James Hall sprinted and sprinted and somehow caught the wide receiver.

That's 6'2", 281 lb., 33-year-old James Hall, if you need him.

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