Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Bizarre Behavior Of Blogger

Sometimes, Blogger does some downright wacky things, but I think the best example yet was yesterday.

In the "Request For Assistance" post yesterday, it read like I was the one making the post, and that I knew Tom Vasel.

I'm sure Tom is a very nice guy, and I feel terribly for what he and his family have gone through, but I don't know him.

That entire post was sent to me by Mike Stinchfield, and I was happy to put it up. I made a post with the usual note that you guys are very generous when someone needs help and that I appreciate that greatly.

So this morning, I sit down to start writing and see what got put up yesterday, which was Mike's entire e-mail, but absolutely nothing else. The post that was supposed to be published yesterday, with a time stamp of 1/31/11 1:31 p.m., was still sitting in the queue. And I have no idea how the post that got published was even put together--I think I may have drafted it, then had so many problems with the formatting that I scrapped it and started over. But it wasn't in my "to be posted" list yesterday.


Regardless, Mike Stinchfield sent me the original e-mail, and I published the correct post a few minutes ago.

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