Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gaming Notes

Well, two notes, anyway.

I have no idea if the actual game will have even 1/10 the creativity and impact of this video, but the Dead Island trailer is just absolutely stunning and incredibly personal.

The last trailer I saw that I thought had this kind of impact was for Gears of---oh, wait. Never mind.

I'm still looking forward to the Fender Squier (two weeks--is that possible?), and now, there's an in-depth video (courtesy of Premier Guitar) that shows the mode in extreme detail (thanks Rock Band Aide). Included in the video is an accomplished guitartist playing "Crazy Train."

Even as I bemoan the distressing financials involved with Rock Band at this point and worry about the future of Harmonix, there is no question that Pro Guitar mode is a towering achievement. If Guitar Hero's non-musical approach was David Hume, then Pro Guitar mode is Harmonix's Critque Of Pure Reason.

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