Wednesday, February 02, 2011

He's Had More Than A Taste

A bit of drollery from Marcel Beaudry that I liked very much:
Dear Sir,
By no means do I wish to discount your discomfort (I'm sure there must be a pun there somehow). After all, CHOOSING to live in Texas, well I just wouldn't of anticipated a 32F temp and would be quite disgruntled by it... but just so you know, where I stand it only gets worse the farther North you go here in the Great White North, so I would like to remind you that you have CHOSEN WELL.

It would be my pleasure to invite you for a great big mouthful of cold versus what you experienced, a mere "taste" indeed (perhaps a more of a flick of the tongue at an ice cream treat...). Yesterday morning it was a "natural" (that's what we call it before the wind chill) -36.8 Celsius (I believe that's -32F). Not bad, we normally hit -40C for a week or so this time of year by all reckonin'. Considering that wind chill idea, I believe they were banting around -46C. My dog wouldn't go pee outside...

Today you could FEEL the warmth at -26C... it was freaking Spring!

I am now questioning MY CHOICE to be HERE.
50° 27' 0" N / 104° 37' 0" W  <--- not really even a nice place to
visit when it's NICE out

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