Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pure Sim 4

Gary Gorski of Wolverine Studios let me know that the new version of Shaun Sullivan's excellent PureSim Baseball series is coming out soon (March 22, actually). PureSim Baseball 4 has some interesting new features, including:
--"Tru-Life Transactions". This one is a real gem. Not only can you load historical seasons, but you can also load historical transactions, which is a fantastic idea. Transactions from 1920-2010 are included, so if you want to replay the 1947 season, player movement is the same as it was in real life.
--there's a new option for Fatigue that factors in age as well as position and playing time. That's also an excellent addition.
--increased finances pool for "major market" teams after an excellent season, which, again, is more reflective of real life, given baseball's revenue system.
--"TRU-Emotion" trade A.I., which will end your ability to submit twenty deals to a team until you find the absolute sweet spot in terms of giving up the minimum to get the player you want. Now, the A.I. will stop negotiating for particular players when you keep submitting inadequate offers. There's also a slider for trade difficulty now--another improvement.
--there's an Iron Man mode now called "Challenge" mode.

Also, there's now a free version of the game called "PureSim Lite", which has full gameplay functionality, but you're limited to Iron Man mode and only a subset of historical seasons is available. See this page.

This has always been a terrific baseball sim, and Shaun is a standup guy who I've always liked and admired. This looks like the best version of PureSim yet, so head over to the website and have a look.

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